The SeaViper workboat has established itself as the commercial multi-purpose alternative for cross-marine operation including harbour, inland and coastal waters.

With a proven and up-to-date design, vessel construction is based on a commercially proven hull design developed for efficient operation in turbulent and stormy weather.   Spray rails throw water away from the vessel, while a self-draining deck and excellent stability retains vessel trim providing a dry, safe and comfortable journey.

The low resistance of the hull design and HDPE material allows the SeaViper to quickly get onto plane and achieve speed whatever the weather.

Together with its adeptness to sail in all sea states, the SeaViper delivers a fuel-efficient, low maintenance vessel with unparalleled seakeeping.

As the perfect multi-cat vessel, it is ideally suited to the following sectors:

  • crew transfer to safely move crew and / or supplies quickly offshore, or in coastal waters and rivers, and across ports.

  • short and medium range patrols for coastguards, police, military and exclusion zone enforcement in low-level threat areas.  They can be adapted to fulfil specific tasks including rescue or ballistic resistance.

  • rescue and recovery vessel proving a stable platform for easy water access, with stretcher fixing points and davit for lifting from the water.  Ideal for humanitarian tasks.

  • port and harbour combining several functions that exhibits its multi-cat capabilities; berthing assistance, maintenance support, transportation, pollution control, harbour maintenance, and line handling.

  • survey including seismic and environmental marine surveys, hydrographic surveys and environmental patrolling, testing and enforcement.

  • a fast pilot boat providing efficient response and transfer speeds in the roughest of weather, and fendering to withstand bumping against tanker vessels.

  • offshore providing support to the oil, gas and offshore wind sectors including platform supply, and maintenance / dive support.

Download the Seaviper from here